Motor driver for n20 rc tank

I have two n20 motors that I want to drive in a tank configuration. Just wanting to know if a two channel motor driver can be used with an rc receiver or if it has to go through a micro controller?

Theoretically, Yes.
If we look at the Makerverse Motor Driver 2 Channel.

Two control lines per channel. DIR & PWM.
DIR would be tied to whichever way the motor is to run. High or Low.
PWM would be connected to the output of the RC receiver.
When PWM is low the motor is off.
When PWM is high the motor is on, full speed.

Depending on the RC receiver output there would be minimal other components.

This should work in theory, it would need to be checked in practise to confirm.
I don’t have a RC receiver or Makerverse motor controller module, otherwise I could confirm for you.

Given the cost of the motor driver is low ($7.10), might be worth buying one to check it out.

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Had one of these in my parts bin. It can be used as a dual motor driver or single stepper motor driver.

Has a 3 pin interface, ENA, IN1, IN2.
Also has jumper pins that connect a pull up resistor to each of those input pins.

Connected a 5V supply and 5V DC motor.
Test showed changing the pin state from high to low on either IN1 or IN2 caused the motor to run.
Direction depended on which pin was low.

Based on my test, I believe you don’t need a microcontroller to start and stop the motor. Other motor drivers are pretty much the same as the Jaycar one. The only question now would be, is the RC output enough to trigger the motor driver. If it can supply a few milliamps I think it should work.


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