Motor to vibrate steering column or driver seat chassis mount


I am seeking a solution so that when certain events occur whilst driving the driver is notified by either feeling vibration in the steering wheel or else feel vibration from drivers seat comming from drivers seat mounting brackets to chassis.

I already have the device that will issue the alerts via its digital output I want to replace your current buzzer that sounds when the speoeifc event occurs and replace the alert with a SILENT vibration generate from a vibrating motor is either attached to the steering column frame or the drivers seat Chasis mount. Naturally the vibrating source will need to be powered by vehicle 12 volts

Hi Claude,

We don’t have any vibrator motors that would be large enough to be felt through a seat or steering wheel column. We do have transducers though. They may work for you but they are a bit harder to use. They work just like a speaker. So you could connect this to your steering column:

Play your sounds from this. A low tone would create massive vibration:

amplify it with this:

and power it all with this: