Vibration Motors

Hi Guys.

First time poster.

I am looking to make a surface fishing lure for my father that vibrates. I’m new to all this electronic stuff and am rather lost as to how to do it. I’ve been looking at buying the vibrating mini motor disc and a switch of some type to turn it on and off, but I’d like to make it a little better and be able to have the vibrating motor start and stop on its own while out on the water. Was thinking something along the lines of; vibrating for 10 seconds, stop for 5 seconds and so on until I turn it off at the switch.

Firstly Is this possible? Secondly how would I go about achieving the alternating vibration?
Lastly what would I need to buy and is this possible to achieve, for someone who knows very little about electronics.

Thank you.

Hi Matt,

Its possible to drive a small motor directly from a power source, and then control it with a switch. If you want to make it alternate on and off then things get a little more involved. You would need a small micro-controller to control the on and off. This would need to be programmed, but if you use Arduino there is a lot of info out there about how to do it. Here is an example I found of a project that achieves the same result. You may need a motor controller or driver to provide power to the motor. A micro-controller cannot drive a motor directly. Check out this great tutorial about controlling motors.

My concern would be keeping everything dry.

Good luck on your project!