Multicomp Pro MP710086 Linear DC Power Supply

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I require a Linear Digital Power Supply rated at 30V/10A, I am write a program in Python Language using SCPI commands.
I had shortlisted the Multi MP710086 Bench Power Supply.

Element14 Link:

Aust Dollar 200.00

Feedback from Supplier - Element14 regarding the Multi MP710086, Chinese technical supplier cannot confirm yet if the USB interface does indeed work with full SCPI commands.

Any experience with this Multi MP710086 Digital PSU
Any other similar Brand/Model that fits my requirements
Any idea if can hand build a cheap Power Supply and convert it to a Digital Power Supply using SCPI Commands

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That looks like a pretty good buy to be honest. Why does it have to be SCPI? That thing’s got a serial interface and is programmable. It’s probably a relatively simple communication protocol that wouldn’t take too long to reverse engineer if you really wanted to - personally I’d take it.

Else, you’re going to have to spend a lot more than $200 to get a 30V, 10A Linear supply with confirmed SCPI commands.

When it comes to bench supplies it’s: Linear, High Power, Cheap - pick any two.

Something like a Rigol DP-811 meets your tech specs - and they’re around $1,000. You’re either going to have to reign in your technical requirements, or open your wallet.

Edit: I had a look on Gumtree and eBay, no luck there on the secondhand market either. Maybe you can get lucky and find a university that’s replacing their lab supplies or something.

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Last time I looked (about 5 mins ago) this supply was 5A.
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Good Day
I hope someone with expertise on how linear dc power supplies with SCPI interface operate can describe how to reverse engineer.

Good Day
I hope someone with expertise on how linear dc power supplies with SCPI interface operate can describe how to reverse engineer in parts.

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Conceptually it’s pretty easy. Hook up a logic analyzer, send it a command and see what it spits back - rinse and repeat until you’ve mapped everything out, then write a program to interpret the communication.

This looks like a handy series of articles:

And here’s a cheap logic analyzer:

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I am very grate full for your feedback.

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Hi Good Day

Re: Raspberry Pi Pico controlled Linear DC Power Supply

Apologize for the changes but after some web searches the Raspberry Pi Pico seems a better option as I can write Python directly into it.

The challenge now is to look for a link with explanations on Hardware, Circuits, Interfaces into any ready made Linear DC Power Supply.

Next a working Python Software.

Thanks & Best Regards.

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