Powering all of my PIs

Well, I have managed to collect a bunch of Raspberry Pis - and Original Pi 1, a zero, a zero w, a three and a three B plus.

Time to put them all to use. rather than having them all running off their own individual power packs, has anyone seen a halfdozen-ish or greater USB hub, that delivers the required 2.5A to each outlet? Could make for a tidier setup.

At the Moment, the plans are to set up the 3B+ as a PBX per the Nerdvittles site, the 3 as a SDR (Software Defined Radio) Server, with an RTL-SDR Dongle that I have. The 1 running either Tensorflow (google AI engine) , or SIMH (an emulator for old hardware - PDP8’s/11’s which I worked with in a former life. The ZeroW as a Kali system, and the PiZero as whatever I don’t run the 1 for (or run Pi-hole - an add-killing DNS replacement) in my home network. Next time there is a bargain on 3b+'s I will build a plex server for my video library.

Any caveats on all of the above?

If you can’t find a product that does the job, might be worth building your own. Perhaps you could use the following hardware to build a powered hub: