Multiple DSI displays

Just wondering if it would be possible connect multiple DSI displays to a single DSI output on a RPi?

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find any example of this being done, or any ‘splitter’ style things that could be added to the RPi to facilitate this.

Would it be theoretically possible to create a custom PCB/splitter thing to achieve this? Or is it just not done?

I have no idea how it works, could be a dumb question.

Many thanks,

Hey @Shaun11607,

To the best of my knowledge you wouldn’t be able to do this. I have tagged @Clinton in this post as he may have something up his sleeve.

Hi Shaun,

Based on the lack of splitting cables available I would guess that it is not possible. TheWiki page describes it as a multi-channel bus which could mean that it can run multiple displays though also could just be to provided pixel data faster. You could grab the full specification and really dig deep. But given I have never seen it done I suspect that it will not be possible.

Thanks guys, appreciate the info.

If the port is purely output (doesn’t read anything from a display, such as a ready signal), it should work with some sort of buffering.
Without buffering, it just might work.
It would be interesting to find out. Perhaps test by making a Y-cable out of 2 ribbon cables?
The only issue (I can think of) would be drawing too much current to power 2 displays, but probably not.