Multi button Raspberry pi kiosk

Hi Everyone,

I Want to create a virtual submarine periscope. House the screen and raspberry pi inside as you look into the periscope you’ll see the screen and the playing video. Either side on the two handles the buttons would be mounted enabling the user to flick through the different videos. I am after some advice on what equipment i might need and perhaps how I might need to code this.

I hope that makes sense.

Could you suggest what else I may need outside of the kit? Raspberry Pi touch screen kit.

Hi Andrew,

Sounds like a great project on the bake! The Raspberry Pi Touch Screen Kit will have most of the hardware you need. You’ll likely be interested with some push button switches and the rest should come together naturally from there.

Re coding, this guide is still very relevant despite being created for an earlier version RPi:

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Hi Graham,

thanks for the input. I’ll try and get some pics together when its done.

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Hi @Andrew12656, you might be able to use a cheaper display like the 3.5inch Display Module for this project. Housing it will be fun - one idea might be to find a plastic lunch box, paint it black and cut a hole in the lid for the viewport. Screw a couple of handles on the side and attach your buttons to them. I thin with a little creativity this would be a fun project! Good luck with it! :+1:



Sorry it’s been along time between updates. I think I have almost finished and have the periscope working. My last hurdle is this, I am able to pair a set of Bluetooth headphones to the Raspberry pi and set them as the output. A system sound come through load and clear when this happens. However when I play one of the movies nothing not one sound. The videos play fine on a laptop and had been working on the pi. I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ and the 7’ touchscreen display. I have only connected two of the wires the 5V and the Ground not the scl or the sda does this matter?

Hi Andrew,

I confused about what is/isn’t connected. The SCL and SDA aren’t connected and yet the display works?
The Bluetooth headphones issue seems like a settings issue. Try following this guide and seeing if it helps!