Multiple voltage synchronisation

I’m using thermoelectric generators along a heat source and will generate different voltages and milliamperes. I would like to step all out puts to a stable usable voltage. The TEGS will output from 4.8 volts and 690 milliamperes to 1 volt and 300 milliamperes. There will be at 3 TEGS and maybe up to 10 TEGS producing within these ranges or slightly lower. How do I get the maximum output from all the TEGS into a usable voltage.

What you are describing would be the equivalent of a combiner box in a solar system.

Your voltages are lower than most solar systems, so a suitable commercial combiner box might not be available. I’ll let you research that.

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How does a combiner box work

HI Rodney,

The goal of the combiner is to enable multiple voltage source to live happily on the same bus. So I think the best way to do this in your case would be to give each Thermo unit a voltage regulator and diode that connect it to a power bus. But I will second Robins call to put in a bit of your own research first.