My Rpi-4 with argon one fan hat mod

speaks for itself really .
my CPU runs 10-15 % cooler depending on ambient room temps.
i hard wired it by cutting the cable length by 2/3rds and omitting the yellow wire.
it still works under the trip temp modes but try it for your self…so much quieter.
take note of the polarity before soldering…i could not find a correct connector to match on hand so i soldered them to the underside of the board.did not want to hack the original fan…


super neat!

wish some body could write me some code and using a gpio pin attach the yellow i`m ASSUMING ITS A TACHO LINE OUT OR PWM OUT SO I COULD see it VIA A TERMINAL THAT I COULD JUST OPEN AND TYPE TACHO AND SEE IT IN SYNTAX WOLD BE GREAT…sorry capps …as well as it keeps real time output …um refresh i think is the correct term…i dont have the fan box any more

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Hey Brian,

This superuser post is quite informative. If you’ve got a scope I’d suggest hooking it up to the signal wire to see what output you get. According to the below you should get 2 pulses per revolution, allowing you to determine the fan speed.


then i will just hook it to my counter and half what i see on the readout …i think that should work if its 2 pulse per second…??

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