My rpi 4 4G rev-1 board and ssd usb boot/system hdd

some pics of my RPI-4.4Gthis is my m2 sata 120GB hdd and my argon one fan hat and the flat corrugated heatsink…i found some old mechano laying around and some 20 cent coins…its not the prettiest in the worl but its fast at 2250Mhz ans the m2 sata to usb bridge j.i boots in seconds to the desktop…it has a …wd green inside…so a black would be my next buy…for storage i think.the usb cable just sat that way but normally sits true…it runs 20-10 Ubuntu argon one hatr runs ok if you don’t mind the command line interface…i have a modded file that puts the icons on the desktop but it needs more work as the icons are not responsive…due to the lack of …“rpi-config” not being a Ubuntu repo…etc… but the cmd-line will give you all the fan adjustments after running " and then inputting your temps…fan trip points …the switch is responsive to only 2 functions reboot …hit the button 2 times in 2 seconds or shutdown hold it for about 3 seconds,…,its done a lot of miles at 2 ghz i only started over the 2K mark in the past few weeks i want to put a water cooler on it ive seen them but not at core ..i would rather give core my money so as soon as i can im stepping up to this cooler…also i have a 4 amp supply on it and i don’t know if it is of any advantage i am also going to feed 5 volts into the GPO-power pins…oh as well i drilled out my corner mounting holes on all my rpi boards…main reason is that the other sbc`s boards i have used have used in the past have all been M-3 style boards… so i have an abundance of N3 hardware…if your going to go with using m3 holes into the rpi boards then …my advice is check around the corners or where the holes are located…check to see if any tracks are really close to the holes firstly…if your not shore shine a 15 watt fluro cfl desk lamp between the board and your eyesight…or underneath the board etc,etc,…it should show up the tracks as you should be able to see through the board in an opaque sort of way but the tracks will be dark lines.the painted lines will most likely show but you should be able to tell the difference,

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Hi Brian,

Very interesting, I really like the coin based spacers between your SSD and the Mechano, could you try running Stressberry and putting up some pictures of your output? I’m curious to see how much of an increase in performance there is when improving the cooling.

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@2200 it hits 71 in about 5 min and then stays there for the duration i had to do it all in a terminal the test lasted 30 mins it was the first one i ever did but there you go i dont have anuy gui knot knowing what exactly to load to graph it…??

oh well next week i hope to order your cooler ,still can’t get this flircdongle to work though…my n2 should be arriving this week so once i have that i will try it on it…i have the remote for the odroid boards,…sorry to be using a board from there but the xu3 was realy what blew my mind at the time although only 32 bit …so i got really into ubuntu and the linux codeing so to speak..dont ask me about android..i got this smart phone and im going to brick it as soon as i get a land line connected…any way that is about that… …thank you oh i seen a guy get 3.8 gig but not stable i dont think he was getting the code correct or something like maybe letting the governor decide…dunno but it was hitting 3,8 quiteoften thendropping basck to around 2 gig approx…maybe a peltier or a watr coller could do better,…i like the core one…i`m a overclocker from way back my first 486 was an amd133 that i got wizzing at 200Mhz wit 128 meg of ram win 98 or 95 …one or the other maybe both …lomg time age and a opci ide cache card that had 16 meg on it…lol…lo… love the old times…swap meets every weekend several of them to choose from wed go to maybe 2 sat and 2 on sun depending what we were looking for and whast funds we had…any way i hope you dont mind me making my ubuntu stuff on your site considering you guys are pretty masin strean raspbery and raspbian based debian,well all linux came from debian,but embedded is quite differen it really opens the flood gates with these risc 3 cpus etc…enough out of me if i find guys need ing help with ubuntu i do my best…q.r.t chat soon brian…