RPI-4 -Argon case

Hi guys - I have purchased an Argon case from you for my RPI-4.
I have followed the instructions -
Installed it successfully but I cannot get the fan to fun.

could you tell me more info pls
1: which op sys are you using and which gui are you using…
2: are you running headless
to get it running you need to run the setup program
to setup the fan trip temperature points use this via a command prompt as root user…
or you can edit the argononed.conf file in the /etc directory manually
it will give you options there…
if your using noobs then it should have put an icon on the desktop…or go into rpi-config…there should be a pointer there,

1 - Debian Buster
2 - yes but also no when project completed
3 - Have performed all this but fan still does not run

@Graham could you look into this pls

@Rudi118082 pls wait for core to respond…

when you install it u musty have the internet connected to it …try again to run the installer wit the net connected to it…??
EDIT: i dont have one of those units but if there are leds on the fan board are any of them lit up at all…

Yes had the internet connected - had to to download program.
No LEDS on or inside Argon

can you un plug the fan from the fan-board the white connector and measure the voltage across the out put…with the power connected to it …also is there a jumper pis on it …can you give me the core part number of the case4 so i know exactly what i am dealing with thanks…

does the pi run as normal and also if you can check the gpio pins output for 5 volts and 3.3 volts…

Hi Rudi,

The fan speed is temperature dependent. The Argon One case is actually quite good at cooling passively even without a fan, so it might just not be getting hot enough to kick in.

I’d suggest running stressberry to get your Pi nice and warm and see if it starts up - we’ve got a good tutorial here:


If I set the option to run all the time or -
set the lower setpoint to start at 20’C - it will still not run

Yes, all ok

No part no. to be seen.
It is the Argon case I purchased from you guys a while back

pls edit the argononed.conf file as root user in a terminal …i use nano editor…
scroll down till you see the figures…
deletre them there should be 3 or 4 entrys…
nano /etc/argononed.conf

copy paste these figures into the file


save the file and power off the rpi…
if you have a jumper on the argon fan board set it to run via software control
now restart the rpi board see if the fan starts when it starts up…now next …
run stressberry again from a terminal while you have the gui running…

check the fan status after stressberry sends out the hogs watch the base temperature…check the fan status again.
.pls report your findings…thx…
if you do not have the argononed.conf file in the etc directory then you have not installed the progam correctly…