Need a portable travel monitor for raspberry pi and a powerbank to power both

Hey guys,
I am in the market for a portable monitor for raspberry pi 3 b+, as well as a powerbank to power both at once.
My budget is around $500.
Please answer with any recommendations.

You can’t go past the official touch screen and the PiJuice HAT is an excellent battery solution for the Pi.

Thanks for the advice.
I will look into the power supply.
But for a monitor I was more looking for an independent monitor connected via hdmi.
Again thanks for the power supply :slight_smile:

Also, will the pijuice fit into the official raspberry Pi case along with the pi?

There is this 7 inch one that connects to the hdmi. I think it is a little too tall, but there is a case made for the PiJuice


Will the PiJuice be enough to power the monitor as well, and for how long?

Yeah the PiJuice can provide enough power for the pi and monitor you would probably get about a 2-3 hours off a charge with the default 1820mAh battery.