Need to create a SMS gateway

I have a web application, that is installed at clients server.
This web application, has got an option saying “Send and receive SMS”. New module creating due to Covid
I will write this data into mysql db
I need the raspberry pi to read this data and send SMS for me and get a response and store in db

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Seems like you could use kannel as an sms gateway here. You may need to set some carrier connectivity though.

Also AWS has their PinPoint service that will allow you to do similar. Plus there is the AWS sms functionality. It does require you saris the ability to provide opt-out methods though.

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Hey Dennis and Tony,

That’s exactly right. I’d say that the best way to be able to access a cellular network using your Pi for this particular application would be to grab a hologram nova such as that which I’ve linked below. All the best with your project!

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