Need software for sending SMS from Raspberry Pi

need software, sending 3-4.000 SMS daily
somebody can help me?

Thank you

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I have had success using this HAT and modifiying the provided python code. It only stores 20 messages at a time if you want to receive also but if you had a script that cleared it out etc I wonder what the max daily throughput would be. CORE has a few for sale Waveshare 4G HAT for Raspberry Pi (LTE Cat-4/4G/3G/2G/GNSS) | Core Electronics Australia . It happily rattled off an SMS every few seconds when I had it hooked up to a sensor for a short time.

If you don’t need connctivity on the pi itself you could look into pcsms but it will certainly cost for 4k messages a day Send Email to SMS to Anyone, Anytime | MessageMedia . I have used this service before on a small scale and it was pretty good, responsive and you can go over the 160 character limit, format/autofill messages from some outlook template or whatever.


Hi Terra215678

IF you are planning on directly sending 3-4,000 messages per day you will need to setup a formal link to your telco / SMS provider. A SMS modem needs about 7-10 seconds / message to connect-authenticate-send-confirm-disconnect for each message.

With a formal internet connection to the SMSC (Short Message Service Centre) you can send 100’s per second. And it is fully bi-directional, the mobiles can send SMS back to you - you just have to write code to handle / ignore incoming messages as appropriate.

These tools are costly, but generally cost less / message than direcly sending from a SMS HAT or modem.

In my previous employment I was responsible for a comms system managing an Australia wide network of technicians, and we used SMS messaging to and from the techs (this began well before mobile phones were able to handle emails and all the current messaging systems, and the SMS system is still in use today in conjunction to newer messaging as it provides a definite PUSH with notification - beep, vibrate etc - to the user).

For low volume messaging a SMS HAT or external SMS modem are entirely appropriate - see my system I built for the Commonwealth Games here

Hope this helps


Hi Terra,

Out of curiosity can you tell us a little bit more about why you need to send 3-4000 SMS each day?

Are the messages all outbound or do you also need to handle replies?
Knowing a bit more about your goals might help us make suggestions incase there was an easier implementation, like email that might also work for your application.

thanks everyone for the replies and help!!

please, could we contact and talk, for example, in telegram?

I think for 4000 sms daily, Raspberry Pi may not be a good choice.

Hi Terra,
As Trent said

Way too many possibilities without some more detail re your project needs.


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Can I make my task more difficult? :slight_smile:

I know it’s absolutely true.
with this device I can send up to 15-20.000 SMS per minute. This is a huge amount, I know, and it may seem incredible, but it is a fact.

if I need to ONLY send SMS, without receiving, checking, etc… Only send. How can I do that?
Who can do it, who can create the software for it? I am ready to discuss and finance this project.
I know that such software can be expensive. I need a person who understands this, and who can create high-quality software for a good reward.

My telegram - Telegram: Contact @TN_2019