SIM7080G NB-IoT / Cat-M(eMTC) / GNSS Module for Raspberry Pi Pico, Global Band Support (CE08604)

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SIM7080G NB-IoT / Cat-M(EMTC) / GNSS Module For Raspberry Pi Pico, Global Band Support…

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is there an add-on for the Pico that can send sms messages?


Hi Brett,

While there is another version of that Pico accessory that works for 2G networks the 2G network has been dismantled in Australia.

If you are inside wifi range it might be best to instead use a Raspberry Pi Pico W and then have an API handle the text messaging for you, instead of using dedicated cellular hardware.
This guide on Raspberry Pi’s website shows how it’s done.

I haven’t been able to find a hardware solution that can handle SMS using a Pico. We have 4G HATs that will work with the Raspberry Pi SBCs. Tim made a guide on setting those up recently.

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Thank for the response Trent. The WiFi isn’t an option as I need the message sent if there is a power outage. I need to monitor an electric circuit and be notified when it trips but I also need to know if power has been cut to the site. I was looking at the Pico as a cheap option for this project as this is all that it is required to do. Might need to have a re-think and see if it is viable to install a UPS on the WiFi system.