New video by Michael; Quick+Dirty: 'Danger Hot' SMT Hotplate Spray-paint Stencil

We are trying out a new video format called “Quick+Dirty”. The idea being, minimal words, more-of a fast pace slap together for smaller projects that might be of interest to someone, somewhere.

I’m interested to get your feedback, should we do more of them? Equally, let me know what you don’t like about it!

Here’s an example for “Danger Hot” SMT Hotplate Spary-paint Stencil:


I really like the concept- it’s almost like an advertisement format, so that’s probably a good field to research for ideas.

The music is really loud on a phone speaker though, maybe something with less midtones and more bass would be good.

I think this first one was a little bit long. I reckon cut another 5-10s out of it and it’d be schmick - you’ll have to be really cutthroat with the editing to do it though!

Loving the high standard of videography. Lighting and framing is bang on.

Keep it up! I’d love to see more of them :slight_smile:


Not really my thing, but as long as it comes with a “proper” guide, it will be fine.


Thanks for your feedback @Oliver33 and @Peter50107. There’s a few more coming down the pipeline soon. Everything’s a prototype, we’ll see about what we can do :wink:


Do you have a vendor link for the SMT hotplate? Been looking for one for a while.

This was a generic “SMT Hot Plate” - I brought one into work though it’s not something we stock :slight_smile:

This video came about as other people in our team cross paths with machines in our factory area, so we wanted to send the hazard forward that this little gadget gets really hot.

They are quite handy for populating larger boards compared to hot air

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