New video by Michael; The Factory - Design A Product With Us Part 1: PiicoDev Servo Driver

New video! The Factory is back! We’re going to drill all the way down on product development this time around. In this new mini-series join us as we design a project from the ground up. We’ll cover every step of the process - Part selection, PCB design, firmware development, prototype assembly & testing… Everything.This video can also be viewed here


How many servos can this driver operate at a time?

Hi Roo
The chip is a 16 channel device so I suppose the short answer would be possibly 16.
But it might be an idea to allow a bit more time to get into the design as Michael has only just started. As space is needed to connect these servos like 3 pins each I think real estate is going to be a governing factor. I think the thing to do is “watch this space” as the saying goes.
Cheers Bob
A small edit here.
The real answer could be 1. I doubt there are any devices available to the home maker that will multitask 16 servos at the same time.

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Rob’s right, anywhere from 1 to 16!
Realistically I think power and space constraints will mean we shoot for a 2-5 channel driver. I think >80% of makers will be satisfied with 3 channels.

In the next episode we’ll crack on with getting signs of life from the driver - perhaps a hello world experience where we dive into the datasheet and figure out how this thing works.

I’d say by Part 3 we’ll start designing the PCB. I’d love to share some thoughts so I may open up a forum topic early to get the community involved! If I do I’ll make sure to let you know here too - Watch this space!