New video by Michael; The Factory | Design A Product With Us Part 4: Assemble & Test A Prototype PCB

New video! The prototype PCBs have arrived! In this episode we assemble and test a couple of prototypes - and deal with a couple of hiccups along the way!

This video can also be viewed here


If you end up adding solder jumpers to allow people to select alternative addresses on the bottom of the card - could it be worth adding in surface mount pads (or unpopulated footprint for a connector) for the remaining PWM pins so you could use the full chip without daisy chain if you want to solder, or get a second one for easy of use headers?


I’ll go you one better and add one of these on :point_down: A 4-pole DIP switch will mean up to 4 modules can sit on the same bus.

That’s an interesting idea! Space will be tight but see how we go.