New video by Michael; The Factory | Designing a DAC for MicroPython

New video! We’re test-driving a Digital-to-Analogue Converter idea this week in The Factory. R-2R DACs are a parallel input DAC that are really easy to experiment with. We want to see how viable this kind of DAC is for driving our Makerverse Class-D Amplifier from a Raspberry Pi Pico. Picos are digital-only devices, which means they can’t generate the analogue voltages required to create (pleasant) sound. We’re hoping this DAC will be both educational and practical. Let us know what you think!

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    This video can also be viewed here


    “The only thing that matters … is the ratio between the R and the 2*R.”

    The sentence really made the ladder click for me.

    “Error on the most significant bit… needs to be .1%”

    I have always wondered why ladders were not common in the commercial audio interfaces I might use at work.
    Great education!

    Hey Pixmusix,

    Awesome to hear and thanks for your feedback! Glad we could help you better understand this process.