New video by Michael; The Factory | Simulating Microgravity with Random Positioning Machines

New video! Designing experiments for microgravity from the safety of our 9.8m/s/s has its challenges. Considering the price of rocket fuel it’s not so simple to just send your project into space on a whim, so we designed a school-friendly random positioning machine to simulate a low-gravity environment for the specimens mounted within. We were delighted to partner with the Powerhouse Museum and Claire from Unconvengineering to help make this educational workshop come to life.

Join us as we cover the process of designing, assembling, and testing our 3D-printed random positioning machines.
This video can also be viewed here


Hi Michael, awesome video and idea. I am interested in developing my own RPM and was wondering if you could point me towards how you are able to determine the gravitational acceleration and rotation set points for the frames please? I’m hoping to be able to set a value and then continuously see what the simulated gravity on the plate should be.


Hi Lachlan,

Welcome to the forum! If you want to know some more info about the plate you could include a 9 DOF sensor on there to get some values. My first thought here was cable management issues but this project already solves that using slip rings.

There are a wide variety of sensors available that could work. Hopefully this provides some start point.

Great work on this interesting project.

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