Project by James46717; GraviTrack Enhancements - Lights and Sound

James46717 just shared a new project: "GraviTrack Enhancements - Lights and Sound"

Searching for solar panels and related items on the Core Electronics website; I came across the Solarbotics GraviTrack Marble Machine Kit. I thought the kit would be a good educational tool for the grandkids. The kit was a hit, but the power switch was hard to access at the back of the machine and it only turned on and off.
I had been experimenting with programmable RGB LEDs, Piezo speakers and a Light dependent resistor. Decided to incorporate them into to Gravitrack, make it a little more interesting. The Video shows the end results. I would have liked a smaller control box but had to use what was available from the local electronics shop. (anyone wants to buy me a nice 3D printer, haha)

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Great Project James! Thanks for sharing it, I am impressed by the schematics a lot of thought was put into this design.


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