Newbie help with a primary school science experiment

I am buying a dc motor for my daughter to create a generator to light a led bulb. My question is, does the voltage of the motor have to match the voltage of the bulb or can it be more?

Hey Sloane,
The voltage of the motor can be more than that of the LED. For example, a 6V motor could be hand turned to power a 1.5v LED.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate the feedback.

Something to bear in mine Sloane is that there’s more than a few complex electrical processes going on here. Just turning it by hand doesn’t guarantee you’ll output the rated voltage. That voltage spec is just a rating of the motor to ensure you don’t burn it out or damage it. The output voltage will most likely be quite low compared to that if you’re turning it by hand.

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thanks Sam. I had done a fair bit of reading but was quite confused by it. Your comment makes a lot of sense.

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