No HDMI output on xero W

Hi there,

I have just purchased a RP Xero W.
Put in a micro SD with Raspbian stretch lite and powered up.

I have the hdmi converter plugged in but none of my monitors in the office are getting any signal from the pi. All monitors are stating they have no signal.

Can anyone offer some suggestions?

All the kit is purchased new from core electronics and arrived today. Power supply, pi xero w, coverter cables, etc.

I’m assuming I should be getting some kind of boot / setup based on youtube.

Hi Robert,

Here are the likely causes (in order of likelihood):

  1. The SD card has become corrupted. Try flashing a fresh image to the card, or try using another SD card.
  2. The microHDMI to HDMI converter has a fault
  3. The HDMI cable has a fault
  4. There is a fault with the Power supply your are using
  5. There is a fault with the Pi itself.

See if you can narrow it down to a single item and we can help you from there!

Hey there and thank you.

  Turns out the brand new SD card was corrupt.  Even after a

reformat and reflash same issue. Got a new card and happy days.

Thanks for the reply.

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