Raspberry Pi 4 8GB no video output on either micro HDMI

A couple of weeks ago my Raspberry Pi 4 8GB stopped outputting via the micro HDMI ports.
This happened after a reboot, just nothing shows up on my TV using either port.

I’ve tested the cable with my GoPro 4 and it works just fine, so it appears to be an issue with the Pi.

I’ve re-imaged microSD cards several times, and can confirm it’s booting and I can SSH into it. I’ve been able to set it up as a NUT netserver and run Docker on it.
Sadly though, still no video out from either micro HDMI.

Can anyone suggest a way to troubleshoot or possibly resolve this issue?

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Hi Simon,

Could you try use SSH to force the Pi to output via HDMI, on the off chance that something has been messed up and it’s trying to use DSI or a non-compatible format? I’ve linked a tutorial with a few suggestions that may help.


Hi Simon,

How unusual, the Pi 4 8GB in particular tend to be quite reliable. Do you get any HDMI out when running the Pi without an SD card inserted? If we’re not getting a bootloader message page then there’s likely something wrong with the hardware.

Given you know that the Pi is still running, I’d have a go at updating the boot EEPROM to ensure that there’s no issues or settings at boot which are causing the HDMI ports to be disabled. Also a quick visual inspection for shorts, damaged SMD components or ports is always a good idea (I’d suspect you’ve already done this. It needs to be said just in case, sometimes it’s just elephant in fridge style problem which someone else may run into in future and read this :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)


Thanks @Trent5487676
I gave that a shot, but unfortunately no luck.

Was already uncommented.

Had to uncomment this, but no change.

I uncommented: hdmi_safe=1
Still nothing.

Plugging in with no SD card hasn’t given any video output either :frowning:

It’s super sucky. This happened about 10 days before the 12 month warranty was up, but due to lockdown in Melbourne I couldn’t go to anyone’s house to test the Pi with another cable, nor the cable with another Pi.
It was only when a few days ago I was getting my GoPro 4 ready for a snow trip that I realised it has micro HDMI. I tested the cable and found it’s fine.
This was about 4 or 5 days after the warranty expired.

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Hey Simon,

To give your Pi some functionality you can use VNC server to remote into it and allow for a GUI to be used on another PC, kinda like TeamViewer if you’re familiar.


Yeah, cheers.
I have VNC set up, though I’m just using it via SSH atm as I don’t have a need to use it as a desktop.