Raspberry Pi 3 stability issues (Kodi)

hi just got the pi today set up with openelec for kodi keeps dropping HDMI out and having to reset unit i am using 2.5 amp power supply class 10 micro sd card can you help

Hi Ken,

The best place to start would be to isolate if it’s hardware or software. To do so, my tip is to get an image of your current microSD card (to avoid loosing any data etc), setup NOOBS completely fresh, and run some stress tests.

You may also want to update Kodi

Let us know how you get on!

ok thanks new to pi how do i do stress test

Just follow the links from my last message - you’ll have some reading up to do if you’re new to RPi - welcome to DIY electronics if that’s the case and let us know how you get on!

PS - if you are using third party apps then it’s worth checking around if it’s a known issue. Kodi is incredibly stable, as is the RPi. It’d be much more likely to be something third party at work and you may need to update or get in touch with the developers of that app.