OctoPi Kit for 3D Printing (CE05451)

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Are you sick of getting up to check on your prints, walking from one end of the house to the other with SD card in tow just to get your print started? Well this is the kit for you.

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OctoPi Kit for 3D Printing
I am interested in this kit
I note it is out of stock
Any idea when it will be available?
Please put me on the wait list

Ian Smith

Hi Ian,

No ETA so far, but you can either navigate to the product page and hit the Sign up to get notified when back in stock button, or hit the link below to add yourself to the list of people to email when we do have an ETA, unfortunately you can’t backorder it just yet:

Sign up to get notified when back in stock


i have ordered another raspberry pi

on its way

you do good stuff

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Hi Ian,

Did you end up getting your OctoPi build up and running?

Yes mate

Watched your video and actually followed instructions.

I know, I know. Different eh.

It was the adaptor on the wide angle lens. Removed it and focused straight away.

Thanks a lot.


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Hi Ian,

Great to hear! Happy printing :slight_smile: