Omni Outdoor Antenna High Gain Fiberglass Full Wave 915MHz 6dBi RP-SMA (LoRa AU915 & AS923) (CE05943)

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High Gain Omni Antenna specifically design for LoRa Gateway applications and a zero compromise setup.

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Isn’t the wavelength of 915 MHz 328mm?

I’m not sure how 400mm is half-wave?

Hi Peter,

Between the bracket, fittings and some elbow room, the total height is 400mm

Hi @Graham,
Do you have any extension cables for the 50ohm coax? I need a cable about 10m long to go between this antenna and my Laird Sentrius Gateway.


Is it possible to replace the RG58 cable with something like the LMR-400?

Hi Graham.
Your blurb does say height without bracket 840mm.
While we are here how is 90cm shorter than 840mm???
Cheers Bob

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Hi Peter. Yes, it is 328mm (without end effect adjustment)

It is for about 375MHz.

In all fairness it may be called a full wavelength vertical but we don’t know what goes on inside that fibreglass tube. To get a gain of almost 6db there are probably several 1/2 wave centre fed dipoles connected as a co-linear array. 4 would probably do it and would account for the 840mm length.
Cheers Bob

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Thanks Rob, we’ll check out what went wrong with that description write-up!

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Hey everyone,

The description on the product page has just been updated (you may need to clear your browsers cachet o show the update), I’ve double-checked the 90cm antenna we have in-house to make sure all the specs are okay and confirmed they are, so the 840mm antenna page has just had a slight edit made!

Thanks for notifying us Bob :smile:

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