Aerial extension

I would like to install a Lora Antenna Type N-5.8DBI using a Interface Cable N to RP-SMA.
However I need three meters from the Dongle to the antenna.
Which is the best way to achieve this with the least loss of signal.

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Hi Rob,
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I haven’t worked on antenna installs for years and only ever with TV antenna work so I can only base my recommendations on a quick Google search.
This site seems to have a good mix of information for cabling from an N-type connector.
These cables might be your best bet for extending your Antenna cabling.

Having said that, there are no free lunches, you will always lose some signal or gain some degree of interference when extending a cable. Proper impedance matching and shielded cables are the best you can do when just moving things closer together isn’t an option.

Hi Spookee
Think Type N connectors a bit big for this type of thing. SMA sort of size I think.
Cheers Bob

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