OSMC Raspberry Pi 3B+


First time poster. Wanted to use a Pi to run OSMC with an external harddrive and use KODI via Samba to connect to my network so that I can watch movies through the hard drive. Currently have it working with a Pi 3B. Using a NESPI case but have had an offer to sell that and give to someone as a set up for retropie. My question was if I buy a SuperNESPI with Raspberry Pi 3B+ does it require a fan? I was going to leave it on 24/7. Also should I boot it up a different way than using a SD card? The Pi is connected via Ethernet cable.

Thanks kindly for any assistance.


Hi Kurt,

You will need to boot up your Pi using the SD card. There is no OS on the board itself and you will not be able to program it to look for another boot source.

I would suggest installing a fan with this kind of setup.