Overclocking pi5

HI, PI 5 Overclocking help.

I recently acquired a PI5 and have been trying to get it to over clock. I have tried several variables but nothing works as the PI wont boot up to a prompt, it just stays black screen.

I have been using:




The file I am editing is the config.txt in the /boot location. I have read to actually edit the /boot/firmware/config.txt but can’t work how to see it in windows or osx as it doesn’t appear.

Has anyone else run into this and solved it?

Help would be appreciated.

Hey Rocco,

Welcome to the forums!
I am hoping that _delta made a bit of a difference for you.

With editing the config.txt file, its best to do it on an alternate device. You do tthis by plugging your SD card into a computer and 2 partitions will open, (on my PC its E drive and the more important D: drive) One of them is going to show as bootfs and in that partition you should be able to find your config.txt file.

Ill include a screenshot (sorry for the blackout areas) below to show you what I see there:

Once that has been edited and saved, you can plug it back into your Pi and boot it up to see the changes that have been made.


Hi, Thanks for the reply. I can confirm I have edited the config file correctly. I tried twice, once on a mac and again on a windows laptop. Both times I added the lines as mentioned earlier.

What I noticed upon power up is just a black screen with ’ - ’ character in top left of screen. When I edit the config again and remove the 3 lines of code, the Pi starts up perfectly fine and performs as usual.



Hey Rocco!
When pushing the Pi 5 we found that a too-great of an overclock for the GPU would prevent it from booting. Drop the GPU overclock down to 700 and give it a go. From there increase it and see what your maximum clock is.

If that doesn’t work, start at the base clocks of 2.4 Ghz for the CPU and 600 Mhz for the GPU and slowly increase from there.

Best of luck!


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Hi Jaryd,

Thanks for the reply. I will give it a go.