4K HDMI to Micro HDMI Cable (FIT0648)

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This is a Micro-HDMI video cable tailored to the Raspberry Pi 4B, supporting 4K HD resolution. There is no delay, no flash, the transmission is stable and precise. … read more

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I need a Micro-HDMI to HDMI cable which supports the CEC function. This function allows the remote control of the TV to send commands over the HDMI cable to the Raspberry Pi 4B connected to the TV with this cable. I see you can supply two types of Micro-HDMI to HDMI cables - SKU: FIT0648 and SKU: CE06431.

Does any of these cables support the CEC protocol?

Consumer Electronics Control - Wikipedia

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Hi Nikolay,

As far as I can find on the internet, you don’t need any special sort of cable for CEC (All of the cables I have tried at home have worked fine), but the important thing to check is that the devices on either end support it (I’m especially suspicious of the Pi’s support of it)

Have you found someone doing what you want to do on a Pi?


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Hello James,

Yes, I did some research on the Internet. I found other people experiencing problems with the R-Pi 4 (I suspect could be related to the micro-HDMI connector).

I have R-Pi 3 at home which works fine with my Sony Bravia TV for several years. I use KODI (this is Media Centre application) which uses the TV remote to send/receive commands to the software on the R-Pi over the HDMI cable using the CEC. I am just trying to replace the R-Pi 3 with R-Pi 4 which is running newer version of the Operating System (Raspbian) and KODI on top of the OS. So, the only change is the R-Pi and the HDMI cable.

I have purchased two cables from eBay Micro-HDMI to HDMI (one is more like adapter) and both do not work for this function, even though they claim to support 4K video (which has nothing to do with the CEC function). My understanding is that for the CEC function to work, the wire on pin 13 of the HDMI connector must be present in the cable (as well as the pin in the connectors at bot ends :slight_smile: ). Since it is a single-wire interface perhaps nothing else is needed?

I did check these cables with multimeter and the connection seems to be there but my test is not very conclusive as the Micro-HDMI connector is tiny and hard to handle. Wikipedia says that the CEC function is there from the very beginning of the HDMI standard and should be always there - but I have a couple of older (cheap) HDMI cables which do not work even with my old R-Pi 3 and the same TV. Seems the connection b/w Pin 13 is not there in the cable - I can check this to confirm.

I also see that the ‘Official R-Pi 4 HDMI cable’ claims to support the CEC function:

So, if you say that the one you sell is the same, then I will purchase it.

Actually, while writing this email I found the answer in the customer reviews!!! Here:

  1. Review by Simon verified purchaser

Rating 100

Great product. Didn’t realise it had CEC ability, which means I can use my TV remote to control my Kodi-installed Raspberry Pi 4 :slight_smile: (Posted on 31/03/2020)

So, I will order it. Thanks.

I guess, you should add ‘CEC support’ to the product description?

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BTW, I tried to send this text by just replying to the email I have received, as the email suggested " Visit Topic or reply to this email to respond."

But this did not work - I received automated reply that my email did not work :frowning:

But before I place an order I would like to hear, please, that the cable sent ~1 year ago to Simon is the same as the one being offered now.

Hi Nikolay,

I can confirm that the white cable you found on our store is the official Raspberry Pi cable, so from the looks of things it’d work just fine for CEC.

Good luck with your media center!