Paper signals bundle doesn't work

I purchased the paper signals bundle for my daughter for christmas and it has been the most frustratingly useless and disappointing purchase. I tried for hours to follow the instructions step by step with no success whatsoever.
After an incredibly convoluted process of trying to get a geocoding API set up for the first paper signal, we discovered that Dark Sky is no longer accepting new setups so that wipes out the opportunity to make the umbrella or pants paper signals.
Next we tried to follow the instructions to set up one of the signals that doesn’t require an API (countdown/rocket) - we installed the Google Assistant and followed all the steps but only ever get an internet search result when we enter the commands as given (Talk to paper signals & Create new paper signal) and never get the three word identifier. It appears that this is an issue others have had with apparently no resolution -

Luckily I also ordered the spider robot, so at least one gift actually worked.

I spent hours trying to make sense of the paper signals set up and had absolutely no luck in getting any of it to work. I’m very disappointed to have wasted money on a product that does nothing as advertised.


Hi Gayle,

Sorry to hear you had so much trouble with this kit!

We’ll do some research when we get some time here in support, and see if we can find some workarounds, and re-evaluate the kit a bit if we can’t.


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