PC Behemoth Asus releases their own Single Board Computer

The tech behemoth Asus has decided to enter the Single Board computer market with their own Raspberry Pi sized computer, the Tinker Board. This board boasts improvements on every one of the Raspberry Pi spec's, at a slightly higher price point. Take a look at the table below for a quick and easy way to see the differences.


The form factor is identical to the Pi, as well as the microSD storage system the Pi uses, so you'll be needing to load your OS's up to your SD card.  The main difference we're surprised by is the superior processing speed and RAM that you would be getting along with the Tinker Board. The addition of SDIO 3.0 with the Tinker Board is another upgrade that would be more than welcomed by the Maker community. 

The board is currently available in Europe/Asia and it's expected that we will see it in Australia in the coming weeks. 

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