Peltier device

Hi All,
Pretty basic question. For your Peltier Thermo-Electric Cooler Module+Heatsink Assembly - 12V 5A device (SKU:ADA1335) can I flip the peltier device over and use it to heat (instead of cool)? I have an application where I need to heat a copper plate on one side and cool it on the other (to create a thermal gradient).

Also, can you please provide a link to a power source for the fan unit on this device? I will heat/cool the peltier device using a precise DC power supply (to get the temp just right) but would like the fan to run of an independent power supply if possible (as it means I can run more peltier devices off the one DC power supply).

Hi @John57757,

Yep, you could do that. The Peltier transfers heat in one direction (there’s a cold side and a hot side). Although bear in mind that the heatsink is more efficient at cooling given ambient temperatures. It would be important to have good heat transfer on the hot side to avoid damage to the peltier.

This power supply would work fine for that project:

You’ll need to source an AU lead for it though.

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I am looking at doing something similar. But I was hoping to reverse the DC power going into the Peltier so that the fan only needs to draw air over one side and that side supplies hot or cold air depending upon the way the DC power is applied.
Is there any controller that is available that can sense the air exiting the fan so it can raise or lower the temperature from the unit?

I don’t think there’s an out of box solution. Though a temperature sensor going to an Arduino/MCU/something would be easy enough :slight_smile:

I am looking to have a small box like device with a fan sucking air from the peltier plate. Needs to be small so it can mount on helmet
Fan would be like the
Air output only needs to be small as it is blowing onto the motor bike faceplate. not to the actual face of the rider
need to be able to vary the speed of the fan as the temperature can be set for the initial model at 20 C.
Later on we can have a two controller remote. one for speed and one for temp with the range of temp being 19 - 23.