Person Sensor by Useful Sensors (SEN-21231)

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Add computer vision capabilities to your project, without the coding! The Person Sensor includes a camera module pre-programed and connected over Qwiic…

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Didn’t come with the required cable, which wasn’t 100% clear tome and a little annoying.
Wouldn’t hurt to make this clear in the description. Cheers.

Hey Mahko,

We will definitely take that suggestion on board and get that fixed up on the product page.
Thanks for the feedback on that, we are always looking for ways to improve.


Just a quick heads up for those playing with the Person Sensor - great fun and easy to use face recognition.

I had one hurdle using the PiicoDev LiPo Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi Pico and I2C along with the C code from UsefulSensors.

In the Example code person_sensor_pico_c/face_detection_example.c you will find on line 36

gpio_set_function(PICO_DEFAULT_I2C_SDA_PIN, GPIO_FUNC_I2C);

The default for UsefulSensors is pins 4 & 5, change these to 8 & 9 for the Core board and you are good to go.

The link to Paul Bupe is a great intro to setting up VSCode and WSL on Windows.

Hope this helps someone else, cheers.


Hey Barpointttn,

That’s awesome advice, thank you for sharing that with us! We may even make it a part of the product page so that anyone that is looking at this board can integrate it with as little issue as possible.


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Hey ya’ll,

I’ve just managed to get this cool little sensor working on the Raspberry Pi Pico in MicroPython (all the official code samples are in C or CircuitPython).

Feel free to throw the following code into Thonny and give it a spin!

Update: I’ve moved the code to GitHub and added some extra examples.

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