Pi Board With Inbuilt Mosfets

Hi there,

I have a set up with a Pico W operating 5x coin motors via PWM, with a regulator and Mosfets. I’m searching for a way to make this device smaller. I wondered if there’s a Pi board with inbuilt regulator and Mosfets? The coin motor being used is: VC1018B001L and information is received from PicoDev transceiver 915Mhz which is used to calculate the PWM

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Hi @Mitchell258024, looks like things are going pretty well and we’re just up to integrating the project to become smaller, nice! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if there’s an exact product that suits what you’re looking for, but maybe I can suggest the next best thing:

You could mount a pico onto this purpose-designed protoboard and BYO MOSFETS to the party - essentially building exactly what you need. The Pico can be mounted with headers, or surface-mount soldered directly to the protoboard :slight_smile:

I’ve had a look at a VC1018B001L datasheet and apparently it only draws about 85mA so a 2N7000 ought to work just fine.

Hope this helps!