Pi media center not connecting with wireless keyboard

I have a Rasberry Pi 3 with Kodi Media Centre installed and it all works well using a USB keyboard and mouse, but the wireless keyboard does not appear to sync with it and hence it can not be used to control it. The CEC adaptor is the only input peripheral and it looks to be ok. I hope you can shed some light on it.

Hi @Nicholas18294,

If you grabbed one of the below keyboards from us, then bear in mind it’s not Bluetooth. We chose to promote the 2.4Ghz version as it has a much further range (30 meters instead of 3 meters). To use it with your Raspberry Pi, take the USB dongle out of the Keyboard (it’s a snug fit on the front edge) and insert it into one of the Raspberry Pi USB ports.

No pairing. Just works straight away.

Let me know how you go with it!


Thank you. I feel like a bit of an idiot. Working perfectly now.



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Awesome to hear you are back on track. Good luck with the media center project!