USB Keyboard for Raspberry Pi (CE00295)

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A simple and reliable compact USB keyboard for Raspberry Pi. This handy keyboard is very portable and ideal for plug and play use.

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Warning: this keyboard is GB layout, which is not commonly used in Australia - US layout is standard here.

Thanks for the tip @Chris24309

Alas, Pi Foundation is based in the UK and this is their recommended keyboard!

Is this “Wireless Keyboard and Mouse for Raspberry Pi” the same as this product from Officeworks?: “J.Burrows Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo” (

Hi Toby,

No they are not the same product, and this Raspberry Pi keyboard does not have a mouse included.

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Sorry, I was talking about this keyboard (CE04807) which is titled Wireless Keyboard and Mouse for Raspberry Pi and is for some reason linked to this forum. The USB Keyboard for Raspberry Pi (CE00295) pictured here seems to no longer exist. This is probably a problem that needs to be fixed, because when you click on the link to the product on this page, it goes to the other keyboard product’s page, which is also wrong because the “technical data sheet” on that page, is a PDF of the non-existent keyboard on this page, and if you scroll down to the “product comments” section on the other page, it has this forum, which is obviously wrong and also the reason I got posted a question about the other keyboard here.

So, assuming we’re talking about the other keyboard and mouse combo:

then I ask my question again, because the picture is identical to the ones for the $17 keyboard and mouse combo on Officeworks: