Pi Zero Camera - Need white light solution instead of infrared

Looking for an alternative to infrared light when using a pi zero camera for an image only application. The pi takes a photo daily and needs to see the colour red (water meter dials). The LED will be switched from the GPIO before the image is taken. The light also needs to be diffused to avoid reflection.

Hi Dave,

Your post is really unclear. Are you trying to photograph an infrared LED?

No, we’re trying to photograph a meter dial which has red numbers. Infrared is no good in this situation as it cant pick up the red colours, so we need another light option.

Hi Dave,

Diffused light eliminates shadows, but it won’t be able to eliminate reflections. The best way to eliminate any reflections is to brighten the LED or darken the surroundings so you get better contrast.

That said we do have some nice bright LEDs in stock, and a little bit of baking paper or some translucent plastic makes for a great diffuser:

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