Pi4B Fan Replacement

James … we spoke just earlier

I need a replacement fan module for the Pi4B

Fan over accelerates tgen stops then restarts … and randomly cycles thru this process

Cheers Pat

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Hi Pat, Thanks for posting!

The closest I could find to the Dual Fan Heatsink Case you had was this one:

We’ve been looking for replacements for those fans for a while, and these are the closest we can get.

Let me know if you need any more info!

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Thanks James … will that just ‘drop in’

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Hi Pat,

We haven’t been able to source replacement fans for the dual heatsink Pi case from the manufacturer or any other supplier. But the kit James linked uses the exact same fans, it just comes on a small heatsink.

If you remove the small heatsink from that kit you should be able to use the fans in it as a direct replacement for the ones in your dual heatsink Pi case.

Alternatively, the dual heatsink case does have very good passive cooling without the fans just from the sheer mass of aluminium to dissiptate heat through.

The Raspberry Pi boards are designed to be pretty clever and will slow down the CPU if they are at risk of overheating themself. So long as you haven’t overclocked your Pi they will run flat out until the CPU hits 80 degrees Celcius and the thermal throttling engages.

This means that most applications that a Raspberry Pi computer is used for will not require additional cooling of any kind, if your application keeps the CPU usage maxed out for long periods of time then additional cooling options like heatsinks and fans can keep your Pi CPU running at 100% for longer.

You can monitor your Pis CPU speed using the command “htop” in the terminal and check the current temperature with “vcgencmd measure_temp”.

There is no risk in trying your current setup to see what temperature you are running, then replacing the case fans later if you find your CPU is throttling frequently.

We have a guide to stress testing your Pi to find its maximum performance which you can read at the link below.


OK thanks Trent

I ordered the fan … but good to know i can unplug the existing unit … i only use it for an Airplay App connected to my Sonos system … so very light duty

Cheers Pat