Pico-LoRa-SX1262 - Power Requirements

If you are using the “SX1262 LoRa Node Module for Raspberry Pi Pico”, but want to use it with another MPU module, say the “RP2040-Zero, a Pico-like MCU Board Based on Raspberry Pi RP2040” you MUST wire in the 3.3V OUTPUT from the Zero to pin 36 on the LoRa. I’ve confirmed the power chain from the schematic. VBUS/VSYS ONLY supplies power to the charging circuit.

The following diagram doesn’t make it clear at all.

If you don’t do this, then a trickle of power is supplied through logic pins (no doubt through the internal protection diodes on the SX1262). So it kind of works and can be configured but goes silly as soon as you load it with a send/transmission.

I hope this helps avoid some frustrating debugging.

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Hi Mark,

Awesome debugging work here, thanks for sharing! I can imagine all the frustration this would cause to a maker.