PicoDev RTC and Oled Screen

Hi, I brought a PicoDev OLED Screen and RTC for a clock project.

Just wondering if I can connect to the RTC and OLEd using the i2c bus on the raspberry pi pico using the Pico I/0 ( without the Pico dev adaptor) and if the software library is compatible with i2c



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Hey @Scott128676 - welcome to the forums.
Of course you can connect PiicoDev hardware directly to any of the Pico’s I2C ports. You’ll just need to specify the bus, pins and, bus frequency when you initialise each device.

eg. to use a RTC on GP14 (SDA) and GP15 (SCL) you might use:

from machine import Pin
from PiicoDev_RV3028 import PiicoDev_RV3028

rtc = PiicoDev_RV3028(PiicoDev_RV3028(bus=1 , freq=100000, sda=Pin(14), scl=Pin(15))