Piico and Dist Sensor VLX531X

I have connected the distance sensor to my pico as specified. All parts bought from Core.
I get the following errors:
File std in line 5 in
File "/lib/PiicoDev/VLX53L1X.py line 111 in init
OSError:[Errno5] EIO

Little green light on sensor is on.
Line 5 in the code is: distsensor=PiicoDev_VL53L1X()


  1. Pls tell me what these messages could mean and where to find more information on them. Pls tell me where to look.
  2. What might be the cause of these messages?
    Many thanks
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Hi Chris,

Welcome to the forum!!

It sounds like you might have the Pico backwards, on the expansion board the micro USB connector should be next to Pin0 - and the headers soldered down.

The error message [Errno5] EIO can mean a few things - I’m not certain what it might be in your case but if it’s possible to send through the code you were using(or confirm that its on the code from the tutorial),confirm all of the modules are installed and uploaded on the Pico.


Liam many thanks for your prompt reply. The Pico was correctly inserted. After kicking the dog etc I found that there was a faulty connection on the SCL pin. Fixed the connection. Everything now works as it should. Thank you for helping me along. Most appreciated. CB


No worries Chris, glad to hear you are back on track!
Keen to see what you make :smiley:

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Hi Chris,

Welcome to the forum!! :smiley:

Awesome, glad to hear its working!

May I ask where the bad connection was? i.e. Pico Expansion board, in a cable or on the sensor?