PiicoDev Atmospheric Sensor BME280 Too many open files: '/dev/i2c-1'

Hey All,

anyone had this type of error before using the PiicoDev Atmospheric Sensor BME280?

Too many open files: ‘/dev/i2c-1’

is there a close command to end this during a loop?

Cheers in advance

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Hi @Phil204480 - can you post your full source code?

This error is a quirk that arises when the device is initialised too many times. It’s because of how Linux treats everything like a file, including peripherals.

Every time a PiicoDev device is initialised, the OS touches the peripheral i2c-1 file. Linux has a limit on how many concurrent users are accessing a file. Do you have any loops where you initialise the device?


Hi @Michael, makes sense in what you are saying.
yes, I have the code here:

aprs-weather/aprs_weather.py at main · PhilKern65/aprs-weather (github.com)

Thanks again in advance!


@Phil204480 this looks like a project!
I think the cuprit is here around line 89, 90

 while True:
            bme280 = PiicoDev_BME280()
            bme280_data = PiicoDev_BME280()
            tempC, presPa, humRH = bme280.values() # read all data from the sensor
            pres_hPa = presPa / 100 # convert air pressurr Pascals -> hPa (or mbar, if you prefer)
            pres_aprs = presPa / 10 # convert air pressurr Pascals -> hPa (or mbar, if you prefer)

It looks like you’re initialising the sensor (twice?) every loop.
I’m unsure what the difference is between bme280 and bme280_data.

Take another look at the tutorial and try moving your initialisation code outside your main loop so you only set up the sensor once.


Hi @Michael. I have modified the code and now running to see if the error still occurs.
There is no difference with bme280 and bme280_data and was legacy code, which has been cleaned up.

I will update you…
thanks again.



@Phil204480 is that your latest code on Github? If so, you have 3 calls that initialize the BME, line 85, line 89 and line 90. There is also a commented out reference at line 104.
Change the one at line 85 to bme280 = PiicoDev_BME280 and clean up any other references to be just bme280, e.g. lines 105, 106.

I think you’ve cut and pasted from a few sources… if you need to check that the bme returns ‘real’ data move the test (lines 106,7,8) to that start of the try, but I think that code will actually return true if the device is found, and does not actually check the data (tempC, presPa, humRH read at line 91).

Dave (ex VK2XPX :wink:)
p.s. I’m not a python expert, but hope that points you in the right direction.

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Hi @dave50358 thanks for your feedback.
I have modified the code about a week ago and it seems to be running ok without failures. I will push the update to GitHub shortly.
FYI, the code is running here: The Sensor is in an air-conditioned hut, so you won’t see our 40+C days!
APRS/CWOP weather report from VK5RKW – Google Maps APRS

I still have a few teething problems in adding a comment. I get “X” any clues?


Cheers in advance de VK5ZEY

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Hi @Michael. I haven’t had any more issues, since removing the legacy bme280 items.
I have uploaded the update to gitHub.

Cheers again!