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PiicoDev Distance Sensor VL53L1X - Raspberry Pi Guide

Michael just shared a new tutorial: “PiicoDev Distance Sensor VL53L1X - Raspberry Pi Guide”

This guide will help you read distance data from your PiicoDev® Distance Sensor and a Raspberry Pi single-board computer!

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Hello. If I am using a headless RPi, can I just run pip install piicodev to install the Python package, and then run the Python script shown in that guide, rather than firing up a GUI and then running Thonny?

(I’d test this myself but I haven’t bought the parts yet to test with…)

Thanks in advance.


I recommend installing with pip3 install piicodev and then running your script with python3


Great, thanks. I’ll place an order shortly. :slight_smile:

I recently bought a house and the kitchen cupboard has a roller door sort of thing on it (sounds weird, but actually looks kinda cool). There’s a power point inside for e.g. toaster etc. It gets a bit dark in there so I’ve already got a small LED light mounted in there, but the problem is the light switch is high up and hard to reach. I plan to use this sensor and a Raspberry Pi, which will be mounted at the back of the cupboard, to detect the distance to the roller door. If it exceeds a certain value, the door will be considered open. In which case, it will then use hueadm to control a Philips Hue Smart Plug to turn on/off the light, depending on whether or not the roller door is open or closed.


This sounds like a great project :smiley: We’d love for you to share your progress at any step in the process on our projects module.