PiicoDev OLED - Run Time / Burn In?


Just wondering if anyone has done any burn in / total run time testing of the PiicoDev OLED module?

I’m running one in my 3DP Filament dry box and currently have it setup to be turned on 24/7. Just wondering what the expected lifetime of the screen will be? Depending on how long it could be expected to last I might need to rig up a pushbutton or some other method to only display when I want to actually look at it.

Cheers for any advice!


Hi @ShaneC!
As with all small-scale OLEDs, these will burn in if pixels are lit for long periods continuously. We don’t have any hard limit, since burn-in is a continuum - but observed noticeable burn-in after several days of continuously showing the same/similar image.

For high-uptime projects like your dry box, a button or otherwise would be a good idea.


Cheers mate!

I figured that would be the case, I’m thinking of using this as an excuse to try out the PiicoDev Capacitive Touch sensor… Just don’t tell the wife I’m buying even more ‘bits and bobs’!