Piicodev oled row duplication issue

Hello core electronics,

I received the piico dev oled module today and noticed the following issue when used with a raspberry pi.

It seems like row 5 is duplicated on to row 3 (could be +/- a row I didn’t do an exact count).

I ran the tilt code as well and I get the same issue

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help debug this issue.




Hi Brian,

What dev board are you using?

Also, can you share your main.py code?


Hi Graham,

I’m using a raspberry pi 3b and the core electronics example code from the product page.


Hey Brian,

Interesting bug - looks like it might’ve drawn the text a bit high, then re-drawn it over the top (but not fully), though I’m not really familiar with this display - just speaking generally.

Just to clarify, are you using a 3B or a 3B+ (they are quite different hardware wise, so important distinction).

Are you able to reproduce it reliably?


Hi Oliver,

Yes I can reproduce it reliably, and not just with the text api. Drawing shapes has the same effect.

I’m using a regular 3B. 3B Rev 1.2 to be precise.

I have a few other rpi models so I’ll try and find time to run the demo code on different hardware.


Thanks for that info Brian, we’ll take a look on our side.

Would be good to hear how your tests go with different boards.

Also, are you running Raspbian Buster or Bullseye?


Hi Graham,

I have tested on a 3A+ and have the same issue. Both running buster.

Maybe I got a dud?


Hi Brian,

Likely just a dud - sorry about that! We will add a better test pattern on our side to catch this if it ever happens again.

We’ll be in touch with a store credit shortly. Thanks for being so helpful with fault finding!


Hi Brian,

Our product development engineers were keen to see if you could send that faulty module back so we can do some testing on it to prevent these kinds of failures in the future. I’ve sent you an email if you were open to the idea.

Thanks again for the troubleshooting you’ve done to help us catch these faults in the future.