PiicoDev Python/MicroPython Module List

Having just had a “PicoDev Starter Kit for Pi Pico” delivered - and whilst I recover from initially feeling like a kid in a candy shop :slightly_smiling_face: by working my way through the great tutorials and videos – I was wondering if there was (or any plans for) an index of module functions and their arguments.

With some sensors, such has the atmospheric BME280, the list is quite short…

sensor = PiicoDev_BME280() # initialise the sensor
zeroAlt = sensor.altitude() # take an initial altitude reading
tempC, presPa, humRH = sensor.values()

But with the OLED module, for example, the number of useful functions will be far greater – probably beyond what is covered in the tutorial.

Some form of Programmers Function list would make exploring easier, especially when being on the early part of the Python learning curve.

Thank You…

P.S. With the launch of the Piicodev Starter Kits – is it now time for a PiicoDev Category in the Forums(?)


Hi Victor,

They do exist although inside of the Core Electronic GitHub , there are repos for the hardware and software(which includes the APIs for each module.

There’s the BME280 for example, there is a bit more functionality available for some sensors but you’ll have to take a trawl through the sensors data sheet to figure out the more advanced features.


Thank You Liam120347

Just the intermediate level of detail I was looking for – helps my transition from previous programming languages into Python.


The Core Electronics team should be applauded for how they have implemented the PiicoDev range.
All the detail you need is available on GitHub and the tutorials are excellent.

Other supplies and developers could take a leaf out of this book. Many is the time I have waded through Python code to find exactly what is available in the import library. Having it summarised on GitHub makes for a much better experience.



Totally agree…

The clarity of Core Electronics videos and tutorials – the attention to detail - the openness of providing all the background detail - is amazing and refreshing.

Priceless for problem solving, especially when learning a topic for the first time.

Huge thank you to the entire team!