PiicoDev Raspberry Pi Pico + Batteries and power issues

Hi all, hoping for some guidance here - I have a few PiicoDev modules hooked up via the LiPo Expansion Board along with a battery. Everything works great (really nice and easy), but I have an issue with the battery connector insofar as it’s actually a real nightmare to pull the plug to switch it all off (I have pudgy fingers).

Given it’s via the expansion board, is there programmatic way to switch it off? And of course… uh… how would I switch it back on again?


Hi Damian,

Welcome back!

Completely agree, even with the ‘correct’ way to remove the connectors it can be quite hairy.
Unfortunately, there isn’t any programmatic power control on the PiicoDev Adapter board but all of this functionailty can be added!

A purely hardware approach:

Or if you are after that programmatic control:



Nice, thanks Liam