Get battery out of lipo expansion board for raspberry pi pico


how to get the lipo plug out of the lipo expansion board for raspberry pi pico?
goes in real easy but it is locked in - can’t get it out.


i found a method.
it’s a common thing with new plugs apparently.
used a small wire cutter to pinch and pull the plug free.

one is always wary of too much force in this small connections :roll_eyes:


Just don’t squeeze the wire cutter to hard or you might finish up with a connector in 2 bits.
Cheers Bob

Hi Joe,

It’s definitely good to be cautious. The JST PH connector is super common for battery connectors because it locks in so firmly and is unlikely to wiggle out by accident.
If your is a bit too firm you can file down the locking lugs on the plug, over time these will naturally get more rounded after a few insertions.
Having said that, this plug is designed to connect things that are only disconnected infrequently and not made for as many cycles as say a USB A connector, so if you find you’re unplugging it frequently you may be better off adding a switch to disconnect it and leaving the battery connector in place.

Hi Trent
Do the manufacturers perchance publish insertion figures. Most reputable connector people do, like Canon Amphenol etc. As a matter of interest the numbers for the common D Sub connectors might surprise. For commercial or domestic grade particularly the rolled pin types 50 insertions, you have to go to Mil Spec to get 200 (heavier gold plating). On that basis the el cheapo tinned rolled pin types (as against machined pin) would have not many guaranteed insertions if indeed any are published. Meant to connect and forget.
Cheers Bob

yes Bob.
so how do we do it?
but i note it is meant to be connect and forget.

okay thanks Trent.
point me to switches and stuff for batteries and JST connectors.

yeah - well - i can see that’s another rabbit hole!

Hi Joe.
I was referring to the El cheapo D connectors, not the JST. Sorry for the confusion, that was just an example.
Cheers Bob

Hi Joe,

This cable with an inline switch will allow you to electrically disconnect the battery without having to fiddle with the connectors.

If you’re handy with a soldering iron there is always the option to make your own as well.

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The manufacturers of most of our JST cables don’t publish insertion figures as they are JST-style cables rather than official ones manufactured by the JST company.

Insertion figures are likely only going to be available from Canon, Amphenol, Phoenix Connector, and JST as you said as they are designing for those Mil Spec applications that require those ratings.

Hi Trent

They also require these figures to be readily obtainable, ie; published.
While on the subject of insertion cycles, some time ago I got some numbers for a friend of mine for USB connectors. They are a bit surprising for such a small unit. Hirose claim 5000 cycles while Omron claim 5000 for XM7D series and 1500 for XM7A/B. Not too bad at all.
Cheers Bob